Advanced Firefox Tips and Tricks

Top 10 Advanced Firefox Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Tech-BloggerTechnology is one of my greatest crush and has always been. Blogging is my hobby with the aim to share knowledge on technology..How things are done & works . I believe that technology has gone further level than we are Continue Reading

blue whale challange

Blue Whale Challenge : An Online Game That Ends With a Suicide

Game works by chatting with admin and player for an example if you are playing blue whale game then the admin will contact you on chatting application like Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook or messenger. He will give you 50 per tasks to do (1 task per day) and would say to show me proof of that task.

best search engine for hackers, shodan search engine for hackers

SHODAN: A Perfect Search Engine for Hackers – Smart Hack Made Easy

Shodan is the world’s first search engine for hackers scans devices that are connected to the Internet and shows you it’s vulnerability. It’s an extreme motivation for that Hacker Beginners who really is ready to give what it takes to become the dream guy one day. You can find millions of Vulnerable Routers, Websites, Database, CCTV live footage and many other. These devices are really easy to hack into just for practice sake or for fun.