5 Working Methods to Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number

Now that Google has been updating it’s security policies overtime We can’t create multiple gmail account without phone number and this is really bad for users in need of new accounts over time. Bu there are lot of Google hacking tricks through which we can do a lot of stuff we never knew before.

But if you really need to know how to create gmail account without phone number then this is it, go through the instructions step by step and you will not have a single doubt. I have made this tutorial very easy even for newbies it should not make any trouble.

So here I have got best 5 working methods where you can create multiple gmail account without phone number without much of headaches. Let’s start –

Create Gmail Account without Verification Code ?

Well this is 1000% working method and I have been using this method from past 6 months, works like charm every single time.

METHOD: 1 | Assuming you have an Android mobile

1. Connect your android to Internet

2. Go to> Settings > Accounts & Sync

3. Look at the top right corner second option from the right,, there is a sign. Click on that

4. Now you will get many options here. Click on Google and it should ask for your mobile password

5. After you enter your password, You will see a Google Sign in tab and Down to that you will get an option saying “Or create a new account”

6. Fill the form as per your need and for verification it will give you an option to “skip” just click on that and you’re done


METHOD: 2 | Third Party Number Verification

There are lot of website that give free service to verify your account with temporary mobile number, other way which is called OTP Verification. 


1. Go to Google Sign up page 

2. Start filling the form as per your need till you get to the number verification 

3. Visit any one the listed site from here

4. Select your desired country > take the number paste it on google number verification field and wait for sometime

5. On the OTP verification site you should get the OTP verification code in 1-2 minutes.

6. Take the code and verify your account once you get it

This way you can create country based verified gmail accounts. like- USA verified gmail accounts, UK verified gmail accounts and many other country.

[there are many site provides the same service, all sites won’t work all the time. So, if you face any trouble then please try any other site from the list]

METHOD: 3 | Multiple Accounts from One Number


1. Visit this link https://accounts.google.com/SignUpMobile

2. Put the phone number and click Next

3. You will get an SMS from google

4. Visit the link you got in your message

5. Fill the form and click Next

6. Choose your user-name and click Next

7. This is the final step > Choose your password and click Finish

8. Now, goto gmail login page & login with the same id and you will be logged in


METHOD: 4 | Variations in Your Mail ID

Lets get started with an example gmail account nextlevelinternet@gmail.com. Now, If we shoot mail to any of the following email address, they will all land up in the same inbox of this gmail.

So basically all the above emails have one and same inbox. Gmail noramlly ignores dot “.” in the email address.

It also ignores whatever that is followed after (+) sign.

‘To’ address in the mails received can be then used to create filter to separate these emails into different folders if required.

You can repeat any of the above mentioned methods to create multiple gmail account without phone number with these different variations in your mail ID. You can make as many accounts as you can.

With this technique you can use many many google accounts and you can access all the incoming mails from one single inbox. This technique is very useful & widely used.

METHOD: 5 | Remove Existing Number & Use it again

Well, This method is pretty old and sometimes it doesn’t work. So you just have to give it a shot in case you must.


1. Sign up for a new gmail account in Normal Process with A Single Mobile number. Or you can use an old account which you created with gmail account earlier.

2. Login to your google account Go to gmail inbox > Click on your DP (top right corner )

3. Click on “My account“. Now you will be redirected to a new page

4. Under Personal info & Privacy > Click on “Your Personal Info“.

5. Now, Click on the “Phone Number” which is after Name & Email

6. Here you can change or delete your existing number. We need to delete/remove the number.

7. You will have to re-enter your password to verify Account Ownership once you click to remove or change the phone number. Re-login with the same account and you will be able to remove the existing number.

8. That’s all !  Now your number is an unregistered on Gmail so you can use it to create a new gmail ID and the same way you can create multiple google account without multiple mobile number.

Let us know if you have tried any of the methods and if you faced any problem or anything that other should know. Let’s Help others doing this in short time. Do Let Us Know in the Comment Section.

That’s all about Creating Gmail Account Without Phone Number

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