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Cloud computing is a global reality today.

Why Cloud Computing is Needed ?

Being in the clouds has become the destination for existence in the Internet world.

The traditional way of IT environment involves the buying of servers, hardware, licenses, installation of software, and so forth.

The process is costly, involves infrastructure demands and long deployment cycles. This kind of IT Internet model is getting replaced by evolving technologies and cloud computing is bringing the major shift in the IT industry tremendously at a faster rate.

It is indeed a utility based and service oriented model. The businesses of all sizes and varied industry verticals are deploying cloud solutions across the globe. The vendors today are offering e-mail apps, security options, production systems, storage, backup services, and other IT components in the cloud.

“The new private cloud options, public cloud, and SaaS innovations will power the Enterprise transformation in 2018. In, 2018 it is predicted that cloud applications, platforms, and services would continue and radically change the way enterprises compete for customers”

And eventually, the organizations are deriving advantages in several ways.

To mention a few, they are

It facilitates the management to use the resources in an efficient manner, scale the data, and outsource the data to the varied mobile devices.

Moving forward, let us investigate more into the significance of cloud computing in the IT sector.

Some of them are:


In brief, the Cloud computing has become the key driver enabling the access to IT systems and functionality. It is facilitating the companies to expand the operations at a faster pace and roll-out products and services in a cost-effective manner.

We know the fact that the companies invest a lot to their IT staff in order to apply patches or complete upgrades. The time spent by IT staff for these kinds of issues is greatly reduced as the software maintenance and upgrades are outsourced.

In addition to cutting of the costs, this facilitates the IT personnel to dedicate time to work on strategic planning apart from everyday tasks.

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