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If you run a business or just do a busy job, then you know how important it is to be organized and stay organized. Productivity means that your work is happening fast, so you have more time with friends and family. So here in this article we are going to cover the best productive apps.

alt="Productivity Apps"


Todoist is similar to Wunderlist, providing a simple interface for creating, sharing, and prioritizing tasks. You can collaborate by sharing out your lists and assigning tasks to others, and you can use labels and priority tags to bring organization to your task lists. They have also rolled out a smart rescheduling feature that suggests an optimal time to schedule tasks that need to be pushed out to a future date based upon past behaviour and what you’ve already got on your plate. Todoist integration includes Google Drive, Google Maps, Dropbox, Apple Maps, Calendar Sync, Slack, Zapier, and hundreds more apps. Todoist offers a free basic plan, but if you need more options you can upgrade for $ 29 / user / year. It is available for MacOS, Android, Windows, iOS.

alt="Productivity Apps"


You’ve heard of Slack. The unicorn company, currently valued at over $ 20 billion, is one of the fastest growths of all time. Major corporations like Target, Oracle and Airbnb use the app regularly as it is an incredible productivity booster. If you’ve never used the tool before, this is a communication app that winds up collaboration. Email is great for many things, but it can be cumbersome when interacting with colleagues. It is very easy for messages to get lost, or buried under a mountain of other emails. With Slack, all your office communications are neatly organized and discoverable. Different channels can be created for different projects, departments and customers; And team members can interact as needed. Meaning that they will not receive notifications about conversations in which they are not involved.

alt="Productivity Apps"


Evernote has been around for many years, and is a popular way to stay productive on Android. Evernote allows users to add text, images, audio and video to a note, and then sync it with all your other devices. As one of the best Android Productivity Apps on the market, it offers lots of collaborative features and keeps all your notes handy on multiple devices. Evernote is a welcome tool in the fight against felting memory – just as useful in the boardroom as on the train home.

alt="Productivity Apps"


TickTick is one of the better to-do list apps. It lets you quickly and easily organize tasks, tasks, lists, task content and more. The app features a clean interface, simple controls and cross-device syncing. It repeats a calendar, a widget, reminder notifications and customization functions. It also facilitates laborious tasks such as tasks between household chores or work colleagues. The free version has most of the above features. The paid version is basically optional. It is definitely one of the better productivity apps.

alt="Productivity Apps"


Trello is a fun, flexible and free way to organize projects, tasks, and more. From an ordinary person’s shopping list to a multi-person group project, Trello offers a range of scalable project management and task management features that organize you on just about anything. On top of that, the Trello app looks super cool and has a list of powerful features that are completely free for now.

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