The Dark Side of Technology | Educate Yourselves Before it’s too Late

There is always a collateral payback that we must pay and there is the dark side of technology haunting us from the beginning. We are at the verge of a chaotic tech era where information is everything and with this technology addiction most of us don’t bother about our privacy & our personal information. We don’t even understand it is effecting our everyday decision making. They will never let us understand how all this is in progress at the back of ours. Better we educate ourselves and live in the reality not in the virtual freaking fantasy world.

Now this is 2018, the Multi Billion Dollar MNCs like Google, Microsoft, NASA & so on are onto people’s personal life data such as What we do , When do we do, What are we interested in[logo], What we talk, to whom do we talk, what are we not by monitoring every single minor data that they get through their either software or hardware devices. That’s like stealing our complete identity & personality of everyday life. How can we give it to someone just like that ?

Even Anonymous is warning people on the same issue:

We must know that there are the dark side of technology which influences our everyday life.

I’ve heard people saying that’s OK ! because they think they are getting a better service, these companies and the Govt. are onto making a better World. Well, they can make it a better world without stealing data from their customer, I don’t think it’s happening but only getting worse.

We pay for their products & services. It’s a trade right ? They give us their innovative & unique product in exchange for money. That’s how it should be right ?

They don’t have any right to keep track of we what we do. This is a fact that we must stand up for. It has become very common, every now and then you will get to see articles quoting that ABC Company is keeping record of their customers private conversation etc etc.

Well the Govt. too has no right recording what the Civilians do in their daily life. Civilians are ready to share if their Country is in need of it but the Fact is you must have the authority to do it.

You can’t just walk in to anyone’s home & start looking for something in their Desk, Drawer or wardrobe without their permission. Who doesn’t have a personal life or personal stuff?

We better see & try understanding the facts & analyze to see what influence them the most and then we take decision, either if it’s Installing a mobile App, a computer app or opting for an electronic device.
If we talk about one of the widely used chatting app Messenger (Facebook), it needs special permission to your

So if you have installed & using Facebook messenger then your whole data is leaking back to facebook & unfortunately they are storing all the data. It even runs in the background, meaning: either you’re using the app or not, the app is still active and Watching you, listening to you sending back all the data to the Parent server.

Psychological Trick They are Playing on us to earn $$$$$$$’s : 

By analyzing these huge amount of data, they figure out What we want to buy, how much is our budget, what are we planning to buy & much more and based on the conclusion, they show us commercials which is ultimately influencing/leading our Buying decision.

It’s a whole new mission that they are on, at the back.

Controlling People’s mind to keep them distracted:

People really should start taking their privacy seriously now. World’s headed to a time where Personal Information would become super-crucial & most valuable.

Negative effects of technology on society has been increasing and the society don’t give a fuck. The society is very happy getting some freaking likes and comments on their so called Selfie.

In today’s world we have TV which is 90% full of shits, Social Media again 90%+ full of shits where the majority of people are given 24/7 entertainment facilities. They waste their precious time so well & happily, unaware of the reality which is really sad. But, is that what we are supposed to do in our daily life ?

All these people are kind of drugged and doomed, they don’t care about the outer world although it’s affecting their lifestyle every second. They are being mis-leaded all the time through the mainstream media.  They are easily manipulated through the same mainstream media (The only third party entity in this Game).

Have you heard about the Secret Society ? Yes I have heard people talking about it. Who knows if any of the leading MNCs are any part of it and what are they planning. 

What Can We Do ?

Stop using applications that asks for special permission without any necessity. There is always an alternative, go for that in case you must. There are other dark sides of technology and we can’t completely ignore all of those but this issue with privacy we can change around the world if we want to.

Switch off your mobile device while you sleep and  you should never keep it nearby you even when it’s switched off.

Don’t stay connected to the Internet 24/7, connect it only when you need to.

Take decisions based on your judgments, not followed by one reference.

You don’t really need to post n fb every single time you go for movie or dinner or anything. Once in a while it’s cool.

Let’s stand up together for our Right to Privacy

Wake up ! Wake up ! Wake up !

Yes, that’s the action we must take, we are sleeping in our comfort zone while those Corporations are executing all their chaotic plans.

If you ask me what is smartness then I’ll say ” If you know who you are what you’re good at, if you know how the world works then you’re smart”. So it’s all about awareness which we can never achieve if we keep sleeping.

Our Goal has to be Globally democratic, every individual must be free to take decisions in their life. A wise & smart decision. We must know that only We can make the world a better place not those creepy Companies & the selfish  Governments.

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Technology is one of my greatest crush and has always been. Blogging is my hobby with the aim to share knowledge on technology..How things are done & works . I believe that technology has gone further level than we are now and It’s time we get ourselves updated and Contribute a little bit of ours to the ever-growing World.